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Approval Workflow is meant to create a workflow process in WordPress. This plugin adds a box to the post edit screen when a user does not have publish permissions for that post type. It also allows you to set a WordPress role as the approvers. Note: this role must have publish permissions. The approvers get notified by email when someone has submitted something to the workflow. This works on WordPress Multisite too.

More details on the plugin can be found from my person site:

Check it out on WordPress.

17 thoughts on “Approval Workflow

  1. Hey Eric, I was trying out the plugin and I ran into one hiccup. I set the wrong role to be the approver and I cannot seem to change it back again.

    I tried deactivating the plugin and removing it completely and then installing it again, but the approver is set to what it was before.

    Is there a way to reset everything to the way it was the first time I installed the plugin?

  2. I am having the same problem. I cannot turn off approval workflow. How do I completely remove/disable this? If I deactivate the plug in it won’t let me publish anything.

    • Hey Joe,

      Are you running version 1.2 that I released the other day? If you’ve deactivated the plugin, WordPress should be functioning just like normal.


      • Yep 1.2. But after I deactivate my posts only have a Submit for Review button. And not publish.

        Hey I may keep it but I can’t get the approval process to work… I can’t even see the Submit to Workflow checkbox.

        • If you modified your role to remove publish permissions, you’ll have to add that back in after deactivating the plugin.

          You won’t see the Submit to Worfklow checkbox if you have publish permissions.


  3. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the plugin – this is exactly what I need for what I’m trying to achieve 🙂 I’m currently having a couple of problems, the first of which looks to me like it could be a bug (?), and the second like something that I’m too much of a numpty to set up correctly!

    I’ve got Approval Workflow installed and am using Role Scoper for defining roles (I know you suggested Members, but this wasn’t working for me as I have a slider on my site and Members doesn’t seem to manage the roles properly for the slider). I have my users set as Contributors at the general level (a role which seems to give them no Page editing rights generally but seems to allow them to create and edit their own Posts), and have added them as Page Contributors to their specific Pages so that they can edit these. I have not defined any special roles for Posts, so for these, I presume that my users are just considered as standard Contributors.

    1) So firstly, when I log in as one my other users I see the pages that I can edit, and the “submit to workflow” button is provided as expected. When the box isn’t ticked and save everything saves fine but doesn’t go live, and when the box is ticked and then the page saved, it submits to the workflow fine. However, when there’s an autosave of a page and then after the autosave, the page is submitted to the workflow, the version that goes live at that point is not the latest approved version, but the last autosave …

    2) Secondly, I want my users to be able to create new Posts or edit their own Posts and I want to be notified by email when they do so that I can Publish. Currently, when they want to edit a Post that they have created or add a new Post, the “submit to workflow” button doesn’t appear and the main button is labelled “submit for review”. This would be fine except that I’m not getting email notifications when they submit. I’m not sure whether I should actually be using Approval Workflow for this, and if so, which Capabilities my users require for the “submit to workflow” tickbox to appear?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Eric,

    I’m new to WP. The element “submit to workflow” never shows up in the post box. I always have WPs blue button “Submit for Review”. I have a contributor with 3 capabilities edit_post, read, upload_files, thus no posting rights. I’m using the latest WP version and the 2011 theme.

    I’d appreciate to get a hint

  5. Hi, please help!
    I’m not having any “Submit to Workflow” option in the new item creation.

    I have installed “Members” plugin to edit the “Author” role by removing any “publish_” capabilities. So my “Authors” has no more “publish_” permission.

    But then when i create a new Post as an Author, there is no “Submit to Workflow”, and instead it is showing normal “Submit for Review” button.

    Not falling into the Workflow. Why please?
    I’m using the latest versions for everything.

  6. Eric,

    This is an awesome plugin. Really. Solves many “holes” in WordPress’s framework, and provides something that many people need. I know because I researched it all day, ha!

    Now I cannot figure out for the life of me how to approve and publish a revision in the workflow. I’m the admin, and the admin has approval permission. How do I approve revisions???

    Thanks, Lou

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